Should you upgrade to Windows 11 for gaming?

All messages belong to and are the opinion of their respective authors. You will want to restart your computer for these changes to take full effect. Your thumbnails should now show the parts or assemblies themselves instead of that pesky icon.

  • A motherboard firmware update is scheduled to come in May of 2022.
  • When Windows 11 arrived on the scene, it launched with some restrictive and controversial requirements.
  • If you miss the live tiles of Windows 10’s start menu, you should look into the Windows 11’s widgets, as this new feature replaces these live tiles.

As you’re probably aware, Windows 11 already comes with a new Photos app and it’s more than enough for simple editing. Microsoft is adding features from the Photos app to the Chromium-based Edge browser and anyone can try the browser’s image editing features by right-clicking on the photo. The Aspire 5 (A514-54) is one of the more portable, cheap Windows laptops we’ve tested. Unlike cheap laptops with unpleasant keyboards and trackpads that flex and rattle, the Aspire 5’s keyboard and trackpad are accurate and reliable.

Legacy BIOS is no longer supported; a UEFI system with Secure Boot and a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 security coprocessor is now required. The TPM requirement in particular has led to confusion as many motherboards do not have TPM support, or require a compatible TPM to be physically installed onto the motherboard. As it has been some time since Windows 11 was released to the public, there are now tons of ways to bypass Windows 11 requirements to install it on an unsupported PC.

Step 1: Find the problem

You need 5.1GB free on the computer you’re downloading the file to, the USB drive, and the computer on which you’re installing the operating system. Not all USB drives have this much memory, and drives with just a bit more memory may not meet your needs. To be safe, buy a USB device with ample space to spare. If you haven’t cleaned up your computer’s storage in a while, now is the best time.

As for the redesigned shutdown dialog, we might see it coming later this year or next year via smaller monthly updates. Windows 11’s first major update codenamed “Sun Valley 2”, slated for release later this year, will not ship with this new shutdown overhaul. Windows 11 refines what’s good about Windows 10 without losing too much in the process, and once you learn how everything works, the new operating system is rarely any harder to use. It’s more customizable, and new tools like Desktops and Snap Assist give you more granular control over how you divide up your screen and your time. A more recent update indicates that Microsoft seems to download be pushing forward to migrating Control Panel features to the Settings app in Windows 11. In addition, ‘Find and replace’ and the text search tool have been combined into a single floating bar, and there is now support for multi-level undo.

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This should help people to understand why it’s a good idea to upgrade to Windows 11. Unless you’re using a secondary device, that’s what we’d highly recommend. It’s simply not worth it on your main PC, given the risk of sub-par performance or apps not running properly. When bugs or other issues arise, Microsoft will prioritise the hardware that’s actually compatible.

Gaming performance is the same or better

If you want to connect to your computer from other devices, you must insert a unique name that you can quickly recognize. It can’t consist of numbers only or exceed 15 characters in length. Select the operating system version you want to install—e.g., Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro. Disconnect it if you plan to install Windows 11 on a different PC. Select the correct USB flash drive from the list under Removable drives. Head over to the Download Windows 11 page on Microsoft.


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